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St Rose Anthem Church



Carnival on 

May 3, 4 & 5, 2024

St. Rose Church
2825 Rose Canyon Circle
Anthem, AZ  85086

These are family events meant to bring the local community together, have a good time, and celebrate life. Last year we had over 1,000 people attend each day of our festival and are hoping to have more in 2023 as we have changed the themes and timing of the events.


We will have games and events for kids, teens, and adults along with food, food and more food, live music, crafts, raffles, artists, vendors, and a myriad of other things. Bottom line, it should be a good time for all!


Net Proceeds from the festivals will go toward building our church campus, which will further enhance the local community.


We will advertise via direct mail and social media to Anthem and the surrounding communities. Sponsors and vendors will be included on the St. Rose website Festival page beginning a month prior to each event (provided payment is made and forms are complete).


Interested in sponsoring something specific, such as a Kid Zone, Adult Games, Music, or First Aid? we can work with you, so your banner is prominently displayed in these areas at the event.


WE WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL and WANT TO SEE YOU THIS YEAR AND NEXT. If you are interested in participating, sponsoring, and/or donating to our festival fundraisers or volunteering for the event, please contact: Chris Bosn or Alicia Gonzales E-mail:  Phone: 623-465-9740  x102 or x104 


Download Vendor Forms

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